December Drill of the Month Scapular Push-up

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Want to prevent shoulder injury and build shoulder strength? The push-up can be performed without weights and uses an individual’s body weight as resistance.  Volleyball players tend to have several issues with their shoulders.  From muscle imbalances, to overuse and fatigue, this variation to the basic push-up will help to strengthen the muscles around the scapula and work on mobility.

scapular pushups 1-1

1) Begin in a plank position.  It is important that your arms are straight under your shoulders and that your body is straight.  Make sure your fingers are facing forward and your feet are no more than hip width apart.

scapular pushups 2


2) The motion involved differs only slightly from the starting position.  Squeeze your shoulder blades together (think of it as someone putting a finger on your back between your shoulder blades and you are trying to pinch it).  Be sure to keep your arms straight at all times!

Return to starting position.

scapular pushups 3

3) A second part of this push-up can be added.  Once you return to the starting position, try to extend the middle of your back as high in the air as it will go.  Return to starting position. This exercise can be incorporated as part of the warm-up or at the end of a push-up series.